we became aware one day

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let’s get fucked up and watch eyewitness educational documentaries mostly for the cool intro

this is some premium aesthetic. learningwave. educore

we have a “fandom club” apparently and they just used it as the example of student organizations in this class and then they used nerd night as the example for a student event


Protesters asked for Reverend Sekou’s release and they got it.

Then, in a sudden and very strange turn of events, the police just…left. 

Monday, September 29th


biyomon is not having any of it




Kingdom Hearts

Y’know I was gonna write a story of how I got to this point, but sometimes it’s nice to just look at the pictures and remember the past, look to the future.

Oathkeeper - Sleeping Lion

Star Seeker - Bond of Flame

Hero’s crest - Way to Dawn

Hidden Dragon - Brightcrest

Pumpkinhead - Kingdom Key

Skull Noise - Kingdom Key D

Axel’s Chakrams - Young Xehanort’s Key


As an added bonus, here’s a close-up of kairi’s wayfinder (Oathkeeper keychain)

hooooly, so maNY NOTES

i cant do it i cant finish The Misery of Denko

[Help!] The Girl I Like Won’t Respond to My Emails (´・ω・`)


A tale from 2ch of girls, emails, and hamsters. (Posts from the thread-starter are labeled #OP, the people replying to him are labeled #2ch.)

There’s this girl I’ve had feelings for since high school, and now we’re in college together. We’ll call her Denko.
Once we hit second year, we went out drinking, and I worked up the courage to exchange numbers.
We started out talking often, but she hasn’t answered me in three days now.
I’m getting depressed just thinking that Denko might be sick, or that something happened to her… (´・ω・`)
Please, somebody give me some advice.


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todaybor day is october day

❝ What the hell is a jay-peg? Do you mean a jay-pee-gee? ❞

- A client who runs a photography website

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